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Don't miss the Canary Islands and the last few flights to Menorca and Ibiza

(01/05/2011). The latest destinations with flights available in the Europe Senior Tourism programme are to the Canary Islands, Menorca and Ibiza. Seniors interested in the programme can still go to the Balearic Islands until the end of May, and to the Canary Islands until 30th June. Don't miss the chance to have a truly memorable holiday in Spain with Europe Senior Tourism. 


Europe Senior Tourism is promoted on Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter

(06/04/2011). For the second year running, Europe Senior Tourism has launched a promotional campaign on the most popular social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter. The aim is to promote the benefits of the programme and Spain as a destination, in the most innovative way. All people have to do to take part is join the SeniorTourism community on Facebook and enter the competition to win one of the trips.


Europe Senior Tourism in the Canary Islands is promoted in Slovakia

(29/03/2011) Bratislava is the most recent stop on the promotional tour for Europe Senior Tourism, on this occasion for the Canary Islands destination on offer in the 2011 edition. The president of SEGITTUR gave a press conference, with the winner of the programme contract, Euroseniors, Slovakian tour operators and representatives of the Slovakian Ministry of Tourism.


Portugal, Spain and Poland meet in Warsaw to promote the seniors exchange system

(28/03/11) The president of SEGITTUR and the managers of INATEL Portugal travelled to Warsaw to hold a meeting with the Polish Government’s Deputy Secretary of State for Tourism, with the aim of promoting the common project European Senior Travellers, which involves a seniors exchange system in the low season.


EST launches a special offer of 343€ from Poland to Minorca

(15/03/2011) The Europe Senior Tourism programme has launched a special offer for Polish seniors to travel to Minorca. For 343€ they will be able to enjoy a full programme that includes a direct flight from Warsaw, transfers, 4-star hotel, full board, two excursions in the area and an extra travel insurance. An unbeatable offer to enjoy one of the gems of the Mediterranean. 



Spain, Portugal and Poland are preparing a new programme for seniors with the EC

(01/03/2011) As part of the CALYPSO Preparatory Action, the European Commission has approved the project presented by Spain, Portugal and Poland to work jointly on preparing a seniors exchange system in the low season. Representatives of the three national administrations will work for eleven months to start up these transnational exchanges of senior tourists in 2012.

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