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 Malgrat and Salou join the EST programme as certified destinations

(04/05/2015) The number of Europe Senior Tourism destinations is growing, with Salou and Malgrat as new certified destinations. These are two towns on the coast of Catalonia, which can now be enjoyed by seniors travelling with the programme. These towns are added to the list of 31 certified destinations offered by the programme.

 ANBAL and SEGITTUR work to include spas in the EST offer

(30/04/2015) The National Association of Spas and SEGITTUR, as the manager of the Europe Senior Tourism programme for the National Department of Tourism, have started to look for contacts to include spas in the Europe Senior Tourism programme.

The new edition of Europe Senior Tourism is launched on the British market
(6/11/2014) The United Kingdom is one of the countries in which the holiday packages will be marketed this new season, and attendance at the World Travel Market event is one of the best opportunities to showcase the product in this market.

The Secretary of State for Tourism presents the new Europe Senior Tourism model
(22/10/2014) Isabel Borrego, Secretary of State for Tourism, outlined the new developments in the programme's 2014/2015 edition in an event attended by the certified destinations.


SEGITTUR certifies five companies to market Europe Senior Tourism 2014

(19/09/2014) SEGITTUR has certified five out of the seven applications received to market holiday packages in the fifth season of the Europe Senior Tourism programme, which runs from October 2014 to May 2015. The certified companies are Turismo Vivencial, Euroseniors, Serhs Turismo, Sureste Incoming and Delfín Travel.

Europe Senior Tourism targets the Irish market

(17/10/2014) SEGITTUR launched the new edition of the Europe Senior Tourism programme in the Irish market at the Over 50s Show in Dublin.

 The new EST is promoted at the seniors fair in Sweden

 (16/10/2014) The addition of the Swedish market is one of the new developments in the 2014/2015 edition of the Europe Senior Tourism programme, which was promoted by SEGITTUR and the certified marketing agents in Stockholm.


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