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The vice president of the EC highlights the benefits of Europe Senior Tourism

(25/04/2012). The vice-president of the EC, Antonio Tajani, indicated that the budget for the Europe Senior Tourism programme is an investment which contributes to deseasonalisation, and gives a return of €1.5 on every euro invested. Tajani made these declarations at the opening of the conference organised by the EC's General Directorate for Enterprise and Industry, entitled “European Commission Initiatives to Extend the Tourist Season in Europe.


Europe Senior Tourism takes part in the European conference of the TTRA-Travel and Tourism Research Association

(19/04/2012). Bilbao hosted the 11th edition of the annual conference of the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA), a body comprising internationally renowned experts from the tourism and travel sector, which presented the social and economic impact of the Europe Senior Tourism project at a round table on social tourism shared with the universities of Nottingham and Valencia.


Successful Europe Senior Tourism presentations in Bratislava and Prague

(10/02/2012) The third edition of the Europe Senior Tourism programme has been promoted in the Slovakian and Czech markets, with two press conferences attended by nearly 30 journalists. The Spanish ambassadors to both of these countries attended the presentations given by the head of the Spanish Tourism Office in Vienna, the head of R&D&I at Segittur, a representative from Andalusia and another from Euroseniors.



Europe Senior Tourism – the best gift for 2012

(02/01/2012) A trip to Spain to enjoy the sun, the gastronomy and culture, at an unbeatable price, is what Europe Senior Tourism proposes in order to start off the year 2012. If you are 55 years old, look no further – there are places available for travelling until April. 


About 6,000 seniors have enjoyed the programme from October to December

(02/12/2012) The third edition of the Europe Senior Tourism programme has kicked off with the arrival of 5,800 seniors in the Balearic Islands, Region of Valencia and Andalusia. Most of the tourists have come from Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and France. 


Bucharest hosts a new promotion of the Europe Senior Tourism programme

(29/11/2011) Bucharest has been the venue for various events to promote the Europe Senior Tourism programme and to highlight the new developments in the third edition in 2011/2012. As on other such trips, the programme included a press conference and a meeting with the tour operators where all the participants were able to enjoy an Andalusian cured ham specially flown over for the occasion. 


 Europe Senior Tourism on the BBC

(21/11/2011) The British television channel BBC has featured a news story on social tourism in the countries in the European Union. This item reports on the functioning of Spain's Europe Senior Tourism programme, and highlights the importance of this initiative in attracting tourism from emerging markets in the low season for the purpose of reactivating the economy and combating unemployment. The video also explains the objectives of the European Commission's Calypso Preparatory Action.

Watch video: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/fast_track/9644082.stm 

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