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bu News / Romanian TOs and Irish associations visit Cantabria and Andalusia

bw Romanian TOs and Irish associations visit Cantabria and Andalusia

In April and May, Romanian travel agencies and representatives of Irish senior groups will see for themselves the many reasons to visit Cantabria and Andalusia, thanks to Europe Senior Tourism. It will be a unique experience in two trips to get to know the area, organised by the Spanish Tourist Offices in Dublin and Vienna, the tourism promotion agencies CANTUR and TURISMO ANDALUZ and the approved operator Turismo Vivencial.

First, nine representatives from senior associations and groups will see what we offer our senior tourists, travelling from Ireland to Cantabria to visit unique sites and museums such as Altamira, photographing the best views and getting the local experience in a traditional bakery.

After them, eight representatives from the most important Romanian tour operators won't miss a thing at the equestrian and flamenco shows in Andalusia, on a tour that will bring them to towns like Ronda, Úbeda and Baeza,  where they will taste wines in the vineyards where they are produced and sample the delicious cuisine of the region.

These promotional activities, part of Europe Senior Tourism, are made possible thanks to the private-public collaboration which supports the new programme model: the fundamental role of creating experiences.

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