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Montanejos is a village renowned for its hot-springs. It is located in the inland region called Upper Mijares, in the province of Castellón, at 90 km from Valencia city. Montanejos is at 418 m, surrounded by beautiful mountains and stunning scenery, very near the Natural Park of the Espadán Sierra.

The last Moorish King Abu Zeit took refuge in Montanejos where he built some baths for his favourite ladies, including Queen Zucaina, so they could keep their beauty for ever thanks to the properties of its special thermal water.

 Thermal waters spring up at 25º from the Baths Fountain (Fuente de los Baños), by the Mijares  river. They were declared of public utility in 1863.

 The River is formed by a number of natural pools with different depths which are an excellent swimming area.

Exploring this Thermal Village is much more than going on a rural tour. It is an opportunity to enjoy your free time in an environment bound to health, tradition, nature, sports, relax, culture, cooking and leisure. A place to feel great. 

You can find a range of fun outdoor activities to chose from, that suit a variety of interests in Montanejos. You can go for relaxing walks by the river, or  for mountain walks and enjoy watching the wildlife where it is very easy to see wild goats, squirrels, herons and if you're lucky, a deer.

 Montanejos' cycle paths offer a fantastic chance to explore some of the most scenic areas on two wheels. There are routes to suit all level of cyclists.

 After a day full of outdoor activities, the best option is having a relaxing bath in our Spa or in the various hot springs areas Montanejos has.

 The Montanejos Spa is a health resort that dates back to 1997. It uses the mineral medicinal  water from the Baths Fountain.

 The hotel is managed by a team of experts specialized in thermal treatments with therapeutic and beauty purposes. Hydrologist doctors prescribe and monitor the best techniques to apply in each case; and qualified personnel performs them. It also has innovative techniques and modern facilities to keep its users in good health, improve their condition or, even, recover their health.

 Great variety of food to be enjoyed with all 5 senses.

 Throughout the year you can enjoy our dishes: stew,fridura (mixed fry), pottage, homemade preserves, mush, charcuterie and homemade pork produces, wild mushrooms and olive oil.

 Each season of the year offers you different tasting menus to be enjoyed.

 Regarding sweets and desserts, we must highlight our delicious Mantecados (sweet made from flour, almonds and lard), quince jelly, Panquemao (pastry similar to brioche with a toasted crust and sugar top), cupcakes, cakes, Easter cakes, Pan de higo (fig pastry), caramel-coated almonds, battered figs or Rosigones (hard, dry pastry made of almonds, flour and sugar).

 Come and enjoy the peace and quietness you feel when you get to the Hot Springs Village of Montanejos.  A place to forget your problems, be surrounded by nature spots, breath fresh air and enjoy its scenery areas and its people friendliness.

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