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Cazorla is alive nature, and open the door to Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura y las Villas (1866), the biggest protected space in Spain, and the second in Europe. There are few places where you can see many wild animals at their own habitat, like Hispanic goats, deers, or one of the biggest and emblematic bird in Europe, the Lammergeier. Talking about flora, there are approximately 2100 cataloged vegetables species, about 39 of them are endemic, some millenary, like yews, sabinas and pines. You can listen to the singing and get excited with the flying of more than 180 different birds, enjoy the trails adapted to everyone, live an experience with a 4x4 in wild places with more than 1500m of altitude. The gastronomy and the tradition are worthy, enjoy the typical dishes (tapas serranas) on places with history and legend, like our most famous legend: “Tragantía”. Walking on the streets rounded by fountains is stopping in time. You can breathe fresh air and discover the beauty of every place, discovering some hidden secrets for almost 500 years, like the subterranean tunnel under the only church in the world built above a river: The church of Santa María, of Renaissance style, which construction was ordered by D. Francisco de los Cobos, secretary of Emperor Carlos V. 

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