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Écija, declared a Historic-Artistic Site since 1966, can be found in the province of Seville, at the geographical centre of Andalusia. The city is known as “The City of the Sun” or the “City of the Towers”.

For the entirety of the 18th century, considered the "Golden Age of Écija," the city flourished with civil and religious building projects. The historic old town of Écija is home to one of the best legacies of architecture and baroque art found in Andalusia and probably the entire Iberian Peninsula: palaces, churches (with the eleven towers that have made the city famous), convents, public buildings, and stately homes that together make up an exceptional historical heritage. It must be pointed out that in Écija we can find important archeological rests and ruins in the Plaza de Armas and the Historical Museum, because the old city of Astigi (Écija) was one of four capitals into which Hispania Baetica was divided. At that time, Astigi was the main producer and exporter of olive oil in the Roman Empire.

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